This Month’s Top Viral Videos

Top Viral Videos in Myanmar

Am I Handsome?

ကၽြန္ေတာ္ ေခ်ာလား PrankAm I Handsome?Thumbs Up For More Pranks! 🙂 👍👍Camera – Kaung Myat#wisetube

Posted by Nyein Chan Htet Aung on Friday, June 9, 2017

“Am I Handsome?” is the winner for this month as the most-viewed video.  The video was posted Nyein Chan Htet Aung, who has become the biggest prankster in Myanmar and has become super popular among Myanmar’s youth. The videos he posts are the first of their kind here and combine classic pranks with everyday life.  This video involves him walking up to strangers, standing beside them and asking them “ Am I Handsome?”.  The video featured has had over 16,000 shares, 40,000 reactions and nearly 1 million views!  We can’t wait to see what he does next!


U Phone (Chemistry) and Apple Story


Posted by ဦးဘုန္း-ဓာတု on Sunday, June 4, 2017

We love this guy! This video features one of the Myanmar youth’s favorite speakers, U Phone (Chemistry). U Phone is an author and is being videoed at one of his Literature Talks.  So far it’s had 12k+ reactions, 7k+ shares and close to 200,000 viewers now.

If you don’t understand, the basic story is that U Phone threw two apples to a crowd of students and made them come up on stage.  He asks them, “What will you do with the apple?” and they answer things like, I’ll eat it, I’ll take it home.  He then goes on to talk about how they didn’t say “I’ll feed others” or “I’ll offer it to Buddha” and were selfish in their decisions.   He ends the video exclaiming to the crowd, “Books are our Friends, Reading is Power”


Myint Myat “Jinn Kaung”


Posted by Htet Thu Rain on Monday, May 29, 2017

This video is a remake of an old Burmese movie clip, featuring Myint Myat.  The video clip has since been remade many times with different accents and using the Burmese slang for “high baller” .   The actor is known for his very funny voice and humor comes from hearing him say ridiculous things.   Its gone totally Viral there are lots of Facebook Groups and the slang is used everywhere across social media.   This video only has 27,000 views, the original movie clip cannot be found, but had hundreds of thousands of view, now there are lots of remakes and copies.

Written by Yel Myat Bhome

8 Great Ways to promote your Restaurant in Myanmar

 Our team have put together a guide to help you get you more customers through your doors

Restaurants in Yangon have a great opportunity to get really high engagement from their fans.  Facebook is huge here, everyone’s on it and everyone’s sharing their favourite food and restaurant experiences!  If your business invests time in social media you’ll be sure to drive up your sales and create a buzz about your brand.

I’ve worked with a lot of different restaurants in Myanmar and put together some great tips that will help you to promote your delicious food!

  1. Make sure you’ve got a Facebook Page. In Myanmar everybody searches and shares their favorite food hang outs on Facebook, keep it up to date and accurate.
  2. Make sure everyone knows about your restaurant and why they should love it. Share photos of the interiors, design, kitchen, food and menu, so that your customers can see you’re really passionate about your food.
  3. Get your audience really engaged with who you are. One of the coolest ways we’ve found is to give fans interesting facts, menus, information, highlights of dishes so that they feel inspired to cook your food at home and to visit your restaurant.
  4. Make your food look sexy! Show it off and be proud.   Myanmar people loves food, and Instagram style food photos get incredibly high engagement and great numbers of shares.  People eat with their eyes as well as their mouths – give them delicious mouthwatering photos and videos that will make them hungry to try your food.
  5. Give your fans something fun to do. A great way is to run mini contest and puzzles (e.g. Guess the menu), which keeps fans from being bored of your content and gives them another reason to share your page on Facebook.
  6. There’s nothing better than good reviews and frequent check-ins.  Don’t underestimate the power of reviews and check-ins, people really care! Foodies everywhere like to see where their friends, piers or influencers have been, if they liked the restaurant and what they thought of it.  You can encourage check-ins with instore campaigns such as voucher giveaways or even provide free wifi if the customer checks in.  If you give great customer service, the positive reviews will come!
  7. Encourage your fans to start conversations, so that you can truly engage with your biggest customers. Campaigns that promote competitions like snap and win and fan experience stories. These are awesome at getting everyone involved and usually receive at least three times normal engagement.  Everyone loves a fun campaign, and promoting a competition on your Facebook page will create a buzz on social media.
  8. Facebook Ads are often forgotten, but they’re super valuable! Don’t forget how important they are!!  It is the best way to reach out to your customers, who are interested in your product, optimize your page for a greater online visibility.  Make sure the ads are interesting and beautiful and regularly change so that you can keep your audience up to date with menus and great experiences.

Written by Hnin Thwet Cho

Social Media Dos and Don’ts in Myanmar

Myanmar Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Myanmar’s digital space is changing so quickly it’s hard for brands to know how to include social media into their overall marketing plan and how to best to measure if it’s helping to increase sales.  Every business knows that they need a Facebook page, but how do you make sure you get value for money?

Get the best platforms for you fans

Across the world there are so many different Social Media Channels that brands can find it hard to choose which platform to use.  It’s overwhelming when you’re uploading content across say Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook week by week.  In Myanmar the choice is easier.  Facebook is king.   If you look at some statistics up to 95% of smart phone users have a Facebook account and this is growing dramatically year on year.

You can decide to select additional 1 or 2 social platforms, this will depend on where your audience hang out.   For example Instagram is growing in popularity for millennials, when Instagram’s biggest Myanmar celeb, Sai Sai Kham Lang’s posted about his recent holiday across Japan and Europe he was getting 5,000 – 10,000 likes per photo.

Know your Brand

The key is know your audience!  Bill Cosby once said: “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Decide who your audience is, and focus on creating content that appeals to those people.

Be clear on your brand and who you are, keeping your brand “voice” consistent.  If you want to be fun and chatty or professional and corporate make sure your voice is the same in everything you do from content copy, photos to graphics and videos.

Deliver quality customer service

Whether you’re posting every day or one a week make sure that you respond to your fans quickly.  Often people want to share their feedback, make comments or ask questions.  It’s really important that your team are on hand to deliver the best customer service across all of your social media channels.  Reply to everyone and even follow up with a telephone call or private message if it’s going to give your customer a better experience.

Be proud of your products and services.  Listen to negative feedback or complaints from your customers, and help them to fix the problems.  If you ignore complaints, people notice which dramatically increases risk of the issue spiraling out of control and damaging your reputation.  Quick, helpful responses will let customers know you care and want to fix their problems.

Rewarding Loyal Fans

Building relationships with your biggest and most loyal fans is a great way to build engagement.  A simple # campaign can help you to identify who is posting about your brand.  Sharing fan pictures or feedback on your profile will help them to feel recognized.  You can also use your profile to communicate directly with fans, if they posted a great picture tell them! If they checked in to your restaurant offer them a loyalty voucher.

Get Creative!

Your content doesn’t always have to talk about your product and its features.  Get creative start posting a wide range of interesting news, lifestyle photos, inspirational quotes, office highlights and anything that helps you to get more personal with your fans.

Graphic content is much more engaging than text alone.  Avoid stock images!  Localized graphics are the most effective and have the biggest number of shares.  Video content gives you the highest impact on social media, quality video content gets at least 3 times more engagement than graphics.

Once you’ve made the posts make sure they’re checked for spellings and grammar in Myanmar and English language. All of your content reflects your brand’s image and it needs to be right!

Warning! If you’ve put in all of this work to create awesome content make sure that you’re ready to measure the return on investment.  Before you publish the post, decide what you want to achieve.  Is it more fans, brand awareness, more customers or higher sales?  Measure, the before and after, so that you can see if your contents achieved the results you wanted.

Why Instagram might be the Hottest new Trend in Myanmar

Globally, Instagram has exploded into the public domain over the past few years.  There are nearly 100 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every single day! It’s mind-boggling.

Instagram has seen huge growth over the last four years and now has over 700 million active users worldwide.  In Myanmar, the number of users is not publicly available, but we can see from some of Myanmar’s top celebrities that more and more people are looking to Instagram as the hot social platform.   Sai Sai is one of Myanmar’s biggest celebrities and now has 300,000+ followers and growing.

There is a surprising variation in the number of followers that Instagramers have, most popular are modeling and beauty influencers, some of whom have 20 million+ followers each. Other niches, such as lifestyle, food, music and travel also have “superstars”.

Brands are partnering with Instagram Influencers more and more.  With increased awareness of the power of influencer marketing, coupled with tighter regulations regarding advertising transparency, we have seen a phenomenal growth in sponsored influencer posts. By the end of 2017 sponsored posts are expected to almost double compared to the previous year.

Smart phones are super popular and central to defining new trends in Myanmar culture.  Be it selfies, food pictures, family and friend snaps or pets photos, visual graphics and photography has fast become one of the key communication channels here.  Instagram is perfect for this, its visual and exciting, and opens people up to a new world of hashtags, filters, videos and photo stories.  A regular Myanmar millennial will start to use Instagram differently to how they use Facebook- they will follow celebrities, brands and Influencers.  Facebook is still used for Friends and sharing pictures, but Instagram is fast becoming a way to keep up to date with global trends.

Top Tips to make your Creative Content Stand out from the Crowd

Content is everywhere on social media and a lot of it is of a really poor quality.  If you’re sick of having a boring advert, low quality movie, stock images and written content that is badly spelt and not engaging you’re in the right place,  So am I! 

As a digital marketing professional, I’ve seen the highs and the lows and have put together my list of top tips that will help your content stand out from the crowd.


Ask questions!

Questions are a great way to create conversations with the consumers, and engage fans with the products. They have become a frequent go to tactic for companies looking for high engagement, especially on Facebook.

Get to know your audience, get them to think about your product and ask questions.

  • “What is your favorite way to relax?” “How are you spending your weekend?”

Pure fan engagement questions start conversations and get people taking about their interests and lifestyles.

  • “Are you ready to buy?” “Are you interested in downloading?”  “will you  be there this weekend?”

Questions with strong calls to action get your most engaged fans to reply with their interest and excitement to be part of the brand campaign. This creates leads and helps your business to understand how much people like the product.

  • “Do you love our new product” “What’s your favorite flavor?” “What was your experience of our customer service”

Product and service questions can serve as a fast focus group to find what people like most and what areas you can expand into.

If you’re planning to include conversational creative content, be prepared to reply to your customers quickly!  The faster and the more active you are, the happier your potential customers will be.


Use #hashtags

Including hashtags in Facebook and Instagram posts makes your products and services easier to find.  If people are tagging your products and services on their page it will generate a wider audience of pages and fans.

By creating a unique hashtag in your content, people can tag their experiences of your products and share with their friends.  It is also a really great way of tracking your fans conversations and will help you to see how big the campaign has become.

If you’re tracking # campaigns on Facebook there are some great social listening websites to follow conversations or you can search manually.

We’ve been working closely with Myanmar Premium and have done offline/ online campaigns for their EDM calendar of festivals throughout 2016 and 2017.  With the unique hashtag #premiumxp we were able to create an online community of Myanmar Premium lovers.  The hashtag has over 1,000 photos on Instagram and over 15,000 likes.  A great and unique way to get your engaging with each-other!


Exclusive/ Behind the scenes Videos

Videos are another interactive way to engage fans with the product or brand. It’s best to embed them directly onto your Facebook page, so your Fans don’t have to leave the site to watch them.  This is super important in Myanmar where data is expensive and Facebook is king!

Posting videos that give your Fans exclusive coverage of an elite event that showcases your product or give your fans video access to a behind the scenes look at your company products through a short video.

The video can be simple with a low production value – even live streamed from your mobile phone is a great way to share what’s happening.  Always plan what you’re going to show and who and where you’re going to film.  Make sure your lighting and sound is good and test in advance to ensure quality.   If you’ve got time do edit your videos, include subtitles, background music and effects.


Expand your Article with relevant tips

Online readers often gravitate to tips-related articles. A search on the keyword “tips” produced 30,400,000 global monthly searches. Suggested keyword terms included every imaginable type of “tips”; for example, photography, makeup, Sudoku, travel, weight loss. Regardless of the industry, people are often looking for tips. People are also used to search tips from google as well as they enjoy watching tips video from some of the Facebook page.

Myanmar language top tips are very rare and in high demand.  Make sure that you write your articles in Burmese!


Stand out from the Crowd

It’s good to look at competitors and review how your creative content is different.  Many people following you will also be following your competitors too so you can often be appearing next to them without knowing it. Think about the kind of imagery you will use. It’s not just what your ad campaign looks like, but the real content that you post every day – the tone of voice, the typography and graphics and so on.  Graphic content is especially important, if the post looks good it’s more likely to be shared and will help you to Stand Out. Anything that starts to feel a bit generic probably won’t stand out in a feed and might lower your overall quality compared to others.