Why Instagram might be the Hottest new Trend in Myanmar

Globally, Instagram has exploded into the public domain over the past few years.  There are nearly 100 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every single day! It’s mind-boggling.

Instagram has seen huge growth over the last four years and now has over 700 million active users worldwide.  In Myanmar, the number of users is not publicly available, but we can see from some of Myanmar’s top celebrities that more and more people are looking to Instagram as the hot social platform.   Sai Sai is one of Myanmar’s biggest celebrities and now has 300,000+ followers and growing.

There is a surprising variation in the number of followers that Instagramers have, most popular are modeling and beauty influencers, some of whom have 20 million+ followers each. Other niches, such as lifestyle, food, music and travel also have “superstars”.

Brands are partnering with Instagram Influencers more and more.  With increased awareness of the power of influencer marketing, coupled with tighter regulations regarding advertising transparency, we have seen a phenomenal growth in sponsored influencer posts. By the end of 2017 sponsored posts are expected to almost double compared to the previous year.

Smart phones are super popular and central to defining new trends in Myanmar culture.  Be it selfies, food pictures, family and friend snaps or pets photos, visual graphics and photography has fast become one of the key communication channels here.  Instagram is perfect for this, its visual and exciting, and opens people up to a new world of hashtags, filters, videos and photo stories.  A regular Myanmar millennial will start to use Instagram differently to how they use Facebook- they will follow celebrities, brands and Influencers.  Facebook is still used for Friends and sharing pictures, but Instagram is fast becoming a way to keep up to date with global trends.