Top Tips to make your Creative Content Stand out from the Crowd

Content is everywhere on social media and a lot of it is of a really poor quality.  If you’re sick of having a boring advert, low quality movie, stock images and written content that is badly spelt and not engaging you’re in the right place,  So am I! 

As a digital marketing professional, I’ve seen the highs and the lows and have put together my list of top tips that will help your content stand out from the crowd.


Ask questions!

Questions are a great way to create conversations with the consumers, and engage fans with the products. They have become a frequent go to tactic for companies looking for high engagement, especially on Facebook.

Get to know your audience, get them to think about your product and ask questions.

  • “What is your favorite way to relax?” “How are you spending your weekend?”

Pure fan engagement questions start conversations and get people taking about their interests and lifestyles.

  • “Are you ready to buy?” “Are you interested in downloading?”  “will you  be there this weekend?”

Questions with strong calls to action get your most engaged fans to reply with their interest and excitement to be part of the brand campaign. This creates leads and helps your business to understand how much people like the product.

  • “Do you love our new product” “What’s your favorite flavor?” “What was your experience of our customer service”

Product and service questions can serve as a fast focus group to find what people like most and what areas you can expand into.

If you’re planning to include conversational creative content, be prepared to reply to your customers quickly!  The faster and the more active you are, the happier your potential customers will be.


Use #hashtags

Including hashtags in Facebook and Instagram posts makes your products and services easier to find.  If people are tagging your products and services on their page it will generate a wider audience of pages and fans.

By creating a unique hashtag in your content, people can tag their experiences of your products and share with their friends.  It is also a really great way of tracking your fans conversations and will help you to see how big the campaign has become.

If you’re tracking # campaigns on Facebook there are some great social listening websites to follow conversations or you can search manually.

We’ve been working closely with Myanmar Premium and have done offline/ online campaigns for their EDM calendar of festivals throughout 2016 and 2017.  With the unique hashtag #premiumxp we were able to create an online community of Myanmar Premium lovers.  The hashtag has over 1,000 photos on Instagram and over 15,000 likes.  A great and unique way to get your engaging with each-other!


Exclusive/ Behind the scenes Videos

Videos are another interactive way to engage fans with the product or brand. It’s best to embed them directly onto your Facebook page, so your Fans don’t have to leave the site to watch them.  This is super important in Myanmar where data is expensive and Facebook is king!

Posting videos that give your Fans exclusive coverage of an elite event that showcases your product or give your fans video access to a behind the scenes look at your company products through a short video.

The video can be simple with a low production value – even live streamed from your mobile phone is a great way to share what’s happening.  Always plan what you’re going to show and who and where you’re going to film.  Make sure your lighting and sound is good and test in advance to ensure quality.   If you’ve got time do edit your videos, include subtitles, background music and effects.


Expand your Article with relevant tips

Online readers often gravitate to tips-related articles. A search on the keyword “tips” produced 30,400,000 global monthly searches. Suggested keyword terms included every imaginable type of “tips”; for example, photography, makeup, Sudoku, travel, weight loss. Regardless of the industry, people are often looking for tips. People are also used to search tips from google as well as they enjoy watching tips video from some of the Facebook page.

Myanmar language top tips are very rare and in high demand.  Make sure that you write your articles in Burmese!


Stand out from the Crowd

It’s good to look at competitors and review how your creative content is different.  Many people following you will also be following your competitors too so you can often be appearing next to them without knowing it. Think about the kind of imagery you will use. It’s not just what your ad campaign looks like, but the real content that you post every day – the tone of voice, the typography and graphics and so on.  Graphic content is especially important, if the post looks good it’s more likely to be shared and will help you to Stand Out. Anything that starts to feel a bit generic probably won’t stand out in a feed and might lower your overall quality compared to others.