Social Media Dos and Don’ts in Myanmar

Myanmar Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Myanmar’s digital space is changing so quickly it’s hard for brands to know how to include social media into their overall marketing plan and how to best to measure if it’s helping to increase sales.  Every business knows that they need a Facebook page, but how do you make sure you get value for money?

Get the best platforms for you fans

Across the world there are so many different Social Media Channels that brands can find it hard to choose which platform to use.  It’s overwhelming when you’re uploading content across say Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook week by week.  In Myanmar the choice is easier.  Facebook is king.   If you look at some statistics up to 95% of smart phone users have a Facebook account and this is growing dramatically year on year.

You can decide to select additional 1 or 2 social platforms, this will depend on where your audience hang out.   For example Instagram is growing in popularity for millennials, when Instagram’s biggest Myanmar celeb, Sai Sai Kham Lang’s posted about his recent holiday across Japan and Europe he was getting 5,000 – 10,000 likes per photo.

Know your Brand

The key is know your audience!  Bill Cosby once said: “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Decide who your audience is, and focus on creating content that appeals to those people.

Be clear on your brand and who you are, keeping your brand “voice” consistent.  If you want to be fun and chatty or professional and corporate make sure your voice is the same in everything you do from content copy, photos to graphics and videos.

Deliver quality customer service

Whether you’re posting every day or one a week make sure that you respond to your fans quickly.  Often people want to share their feedback, make comments or ask questions.  It’s really important that your team are on hand to deliver the best customer service across all of your social media channels.  Reply to everyone and even follow up with a telephone call or private message if it’s going to give your customer a better experience.

Be proud of your products and services.  Listen to negative feedback or complaints from your customers, and help them to fix the problems.  If you ignore complaints, people notice which dramatically increases risk of the issue spiraling out of control and damaging your reputation.  Quick, helpful responses will let customers know you care and want to fix their problems.

Rewarding Loyal Fans

Building relationships with your biggest and most loyal fans is a great way to build engagement.  A simple # campaign can help you to identify who is posting about your brand.  Sharing fan pictures or feedback on your profile will help them to feel recognized.  You can also use your profile to communicate directly with fans, if they posted a great picture tell them! If they checked in to your restaurant offer them a loyalty voucher.

Get Creative!

Your content doesn’t always have to talk about your product and its features.  Get creative start posting a wide range of interesting news, lifestyle photos, inspirational quotes, office highlights and anything that helps you to get more personal with your fans.

Graphic content is much more engaging than text alone.  Avoid stock images!  Localized graphics are the most effective and have the biggest number of shares.  Video content gives you the highest impact on social media, quality video content gets at least 3 times more engagement than graphics.

Once you’ve made the posts make sure they’re checked for spellings and grammar in Myanmar and English language. All of your content reflects your brand’s image and it needs to be right!

Warning! If you’ve put in all of this work to create awesome content make sure that you’re ready to measure the return on investment.  Before you publish the post, decide what you want to achieve.  Is it more fans, brand awareness, more customers or higher sales?  Measure, the before and after, so that you can see if your contents achieved the results you wanted.